Growing number of working mothers opting to freelance

Working Mothers

The role that women play in the freelancing and contracting community has been undervalued for some time. With a recent report confirming the fact that more working mothers are now choosing to become freelancers, we were delighted to see Victoria McDonnell’s recent article over on the Brookson blog celebrating the fact.

You can read the whole piece here (and we recommend that you do) but some of the key points McDonnell raises are fascinating. Did you know, for example, that one in seven freelancers are working mums (over 287,000)? Or that 44% of jobs in traditionally male-dominated industries like IT and engineering are in fact held by women?

McDonnell’s piece also contains illuminating soundbites from the likes of former BBC business presenter Penny Haslam and Tracy Thomas, the founder of women’s group This Lady Loves. Haslam raises a point we often hear cited as a reason for moving into freelance working, stating that: “the majority of employers are slow to adopt flexible working for everyone.”

As the number of contractors, freelancers, and independent professionals continues to rise, and the prospect of working for yourself becomes more and more attractive, the role that working mothers, and women in general, will play will become ever more important.

Head on over to Brookson to read more, or get in touch with Victoria on Twitter to share your views and experiences as a woman in freelancing.

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