Hitting Double Digits in London

10th Anniversary Party

On Wednesday 20th September we celebrated hitting double digits at the Victorian Bath House in London’s Bishopsgate. Originally built in 1895 as a traditional Turkish bathhouse designed to appeal to gentrified city folk, the building now makes the most of its unique surroundings as a party venue.

With magicians, arcade machines, and caricaturists on hand, we and our guests reflected on the last decade. The growth of the contractor marketplace, the importance of contractors and freelancers post-recession, the emergence of the sharing economy, Brexit, and the challenges ahead were all discussed (alongside favoured Donkey Kong strategies.)

The working world has changed immeasurably since 2007, and the next 10 years are likely to be just as tumultuous. As we move further and further away from traditional models, it is clear that contracting is the future of employment. We’re ready for the challenge.

A huge thank you once again to all of our customers, and to all of the partners who have worked with us over the last decade. We hope to grow with you as we move forward. We’ve put a few pictures of the evening below, and you can see plenty more right here. Don’t worry – we’ve taken the embarrassing ones out!

DSC05028 edit

DSC05068 BW edit

DSC05207 BW edit

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