Kingsbridge Go Zorbing

Zorb Football


\mathbf {F} ={\frac {\mathrm {d} \mathbf {p} }{\mathrm {d} t}}={\frac {\mathrm {d} (m\mathbf {v} )}{\mathrm {d} t}}.


That’s Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion – an equation that laid the foundation stone for classical mechanics. It’s unlikely that, back in 1687, Newton could have foreseen that this seminal piece of work would have been applied to 12 people running around a football pitch in Tewkesbury on a Wednesday evening encased in transparent plastic orbs, but it turns out that there are few better examples of force being the sum of mass multiplied by acceleration.

Following on from the success of our first annual pottery festival, we decided to ‘bond’ further by hiring the services of the excellent Louis Brunsdon and Anthony Palmer at Gloucester Football Zorb. For those unfamiliar with the pastime, it’s more or less exactly as it sounds – normal football, but with all participants wearing giant zorbing balls. The football part, it should be noted, is very much a secondary concern. Over the course of two hours we played several exhausting 6-a-side matches and assorted mini games, all unified by one common theme – destruction.

Despite appearances, however, the games were all very safe. The Kingsbridge HR department were delighted to hear of no injuries on our return to the office this morning, and any lingering aches and pains are more likely a result of the questionable fitness levels of many staff members than anything else. A big thank you to everyone who took part. Take a look at some photos below, and head on over to our Facebook page for some videos of the action.









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