Kingsbridge Turns 15

Kingsbridge Birthday 1

“No wise man ever wished to be younger,” Jonathan Swift once wrote. That particularly sage piece of wisdom is now over 300 years old, but it retains just as much relevance today as it ever did. The older you get, the better you become. Although it’s an adage Swift intended for his fellow man, it works just as well for a company. Kingsbridge turned 15 at the end of March and we’ve aged well. We know our customers, and the contracting community, better than ever. The company has grown hugely since 2001, both in terms of staff and the contractors, freelancers, and independent professionals we look after.

Only a fool rests on his laurels and we have no intention of stopping where we are, but we did give ourselves a little breather to throw a celebration (pass the parcel and all). In an entirely unplanned but rather serendipitous turn of events, March 2016 will also go down on record as our best month as a business so far. We surpassed our previous high water mark the night before the party took place – even more reason to send the champagne corks flying.

Bacon sandwiches for breakfast and a buffet lunch were followed by a rousing speech from Kingsbridge CEO Steve Wynne and some ceremonial cake cutting, washed down with several games of pin the tail on the donkey. We’ve documented the celebrations below, both for the record month and the 15th anniversary.

With the party behind us, we’re back in the office and building for the future. 15 years may have passed, but for us it’s just the beginning.















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