Lessons contractors can learn from Diwali


November can be a dark and miserable month, but it’s also the month of Diwali, the festival of light celebrated by more than a billion Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the globe. Alongside the beautiful lanterns, the teachings of Diwali hold all sorts of wisdom for contractors and freelancers.

Clear the clutter

Indians begin the preparations for Diwali by cleaning out their houses and sprucing up their paintwork and furniture. Offices often do the same. This is part of the ritual to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and fortune, into your home. Use this as a reason to clear the clutter in your life, whether that’s a spring clean of your office space, filing away loose papers, sorting out your accounts, or updating your client database.

Have patience

In Hindu culture, Diwali marks the day that Prince Rama triumphantly returns to his Kingdom of Ayodhya with his wife after 14 years in exile. Prince Rama is celebrated during Diwali as the embodiment of patience. The fact is that life as a contractor or freelancer often involves a lot of waiting: waiting for clients to get back to you, waiting to hear if you’ve won the contract or not, waiting for invoices to be paid. It’s a life that demands patience by the bucket load. So next time you find yourself getting exasperated – seek inspiration from Prince Rama. Patience is a virtue, but for the self-employed, it’s a necessity!

Bring light

Bringing light where there is darkness is one of the central teachings of Diwali. Try some atmospheric lighting at your workstation to cut down on eyestrain on those winter days when it gets dark before you can clock off. On a more spiritual level, self-employment can be stressful and some contractors might struggle with isolation, financial worries and uncertainty. Use Diwali as a prompt to reconnect with the optimism and positivity in your life: try repeating positive affirmations; spend time doing activities that you enjoy; or make a list of things to be thankful for and pin it to your office wall.

Celebrate new beginnings

Diwali coincides with the Hindu new year, and people celebrate with new things – new clothes, new decorations for their home and even by upgrading their tech. Perhaps your old laptop is a bit sluggish these days – would a new one make you more productive? It doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune – could some simple new art to brighten up your home office make a difference to your mood each day? This might be time to renew your contracts and services – could an all-in-one insurance package rather than juggling several different policies cut down on your admin and stress? Call 01242 808740 to find out how Kingsbridge can help you make a new start with simple, complete business insurance tailored especially to contractors and freelancers.

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