New Year’s Resolutions for Contractors

New Year's Resolutions

Setting New Year’s resolutions can be a pain as we all feel like we’re competing with each other on Twitter as we resolve to get fit, cut out fast food, be more mindful and whatever else everyone is resolving to do in 2017. And, let’s face it, most of us ditch the resolutions by mid-January anyway.

Business resolutions, however, are something else entirely. Think of them as easy-to-achieve goals that will help make your life easier in 2017 and hopefully improve your business as well. But what can contractors set as their New Year’s resolutions? We have some ideas…

I resolve to do my admin at regular intervals

Unless your admin is handled by someone else (you truly are living the dream) then chances are you do it a) by yourself, and b) on a somewhat ad-hoc basis. However, down this road madness lies as you try to sort through eight, ten, twelve weeks of invoices, receipts and who knows what else, working out what it relates to and trying to put it in some kind of discernible order.

Instead, work out a regular slot (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) during which to handle your admin and filing. Make sure you set the time to do it and do not push it back. It may seem tedious, but it’s much easier than the alternative.

I resolve to keep my website up to date

As a contractor, you probably have a business website and, as part of that, you may well have a blog to help with SEO and boost your credentials. That said, we all know that when you’re busy, stuff for yourself is what gets left by the wayside, meaning your blog probably hasn’t been updated since March last year.

Similar to admin, set aside a short piece of time each month (or more regularly if you feel it’s achievable) to write a 500-word blog. Perhaps keep a notebook of ideas for blog titles so you don’t end up staring at a blank screen for ages and then just write them. Your website traffic will thank you for it and it gives you something to share on social media each month as well.

I resolve to be sensible with emails

Emails can be the bane of a contractor’s life, leading us to forget to reply to important ones, or taking up all our time when we should be doing other things.

Come up with a sensible email solution that suits you. This could be setting aside an hour every morning to go through all new emails, reply to important ones and archive the rest, or it could be setting aside three twenty-minute slots throughout the day. Just do whatever feels like it will fit best into your schedule and then stick to it. You’ll feel like you got your life back.

If one of your resolutions is to sort out your contractor insurance, give the experts at Kingsbridge a call on 01242 808740, take a look at our website, or give us a shout on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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