Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2

Bring Your Dog To Work Day

Keen cynophilist’s among you may know that today is officially Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Some of you might even be lucky enough to have a furry friend or two in the office as you’re reading this.

We’re big fans of the initiative here at Kingsbridge HQ. In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that we tried our own unofficial version. Besides the obvious benefits – dogs are just so cute – it’s been proven that having a pet at work boosts morale, heightens productivity, and just generally makes the working environment a better and more engaging place to be.

We’re proud sponsors of the initiative itself, more about which can be found on their website here. And before you ask – yes, there are plenty of pictures too (very helpful if you’re having a bit of a ruff day.)

We do have a slight confession to make, however. Whilst we’d have loved to join the fun today, there just weren’t enough dog-owning people in the office to participate (a combination of holidays and good, old-fashioned hard work). As such we’ve decided to move our Bring Your Dog to Work Day to next Tuesday (26th June.) It goes without saying that we’ll be posting an embarrassingly large amount of photos courtesy of the Kingsbridge pup-arazzi later in the week, so do make sure to check back in then.

Until then, make sure to read about the excellent charity work Hownd do – you can find more information here. It should give you paws for thought (sorry, we’ll stop with puns now.)

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