Kingsbridge Group agrees to be acquired by NSM Insurance Inc.

Kingsbridge group acquisition

Deal subject to regulatory approval

The Kingsbridge Group Ltd (“Kingsbridge”), the UK’s leading provider of specialist insurance services to contractors, freelancers and the recruitment industry, is delighted to announce that it has agreed to be acquired by NSM Insurance Group (“NSM”) for an undisclosed sum, subject to regulatory approval in the UK and Guernsey.  NSM, based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, is an industry leader in the development, implementation, marketing and underwriting of profitable, industry-specific insurance programs.

The deal marks an exit for UK private equity firm Dunedin which has backed the business since 2016.  Under Dunedin’s ownership, the business has made a number of acquisitions and has enjoyed significant growth, more than doubling its client base and revenues.

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Should you work under a Statement of Work?


It’s likely that, as a contractor, you’ve not heard of a Statement of Work (SoW) before and there’s not really a reason why you should have. Until recently, they weren’t particularly commonplace but as we hurtle towards the implementation of IR35 reforms in the private sector, they’re very much on the rise.

There is one very good reason for this; SoW agreements – formal arrangements put in place to guarantee work carried out by a contractor for a client is delivered in line with particular standards and expectations – heavily suggest an outside IR35 status, and can even act to move any potential IR35 responsibility and liability down the supply chain away from the end client.

So, now we’ve piqued your interest, sit back while we explain all about Statements of Work and why you might use them.

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How to stop working stupid hours as a contractor or freelancer


It’s one of the most common complaints the Kingsbridge team hears from contractors and freelancers: “I went self-employed so I could be in control of my hours, but I’m working more than ever!” And it’s often true: contractors and freelancers regularly tell us that they’re up late most nights, working weekends, never taking holidays and generally ending up suffering burnout.

But how do you stop working stupid hours? A big part of it is identifying why you’re working such long hours all the time and see what needs to change. Here are some of the more common ones that we hear from clients.

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How should I set my daily rate as a contractor?

daily rate

As we hurtle towards another new year, people everywhere start thinking about pay rises, and contractors are no exception.


You might be an employee thinking about becoming a contractor in 2020 and working out what your daily rate should be for the first time. You might be a seasoned contractor, giving yourself a pay increase. Either way there are things you need to consider to ensure you set the correct rate for yourself.


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A self-employed Christmas


self-employed Christmas2

Before you became self-employed, Christmas at work was probably either the most fun you had all year, or a horror you’d prefer to forget. Office Christmases can be wildly hit or miss and, if we’re being honest, can be often more of a miss (except here at Kingsbridge HQ, obviously).

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How to be assertive as a contractor

How to be more direct at work

Here at Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance, we recently had a conversation with an IT contractor that gave us insight into a scenario that we think may be fairly commonplace. How to be assertive when contracting.

The contractor told us that a couple of projects she had recently worked on had overrun past their deadline due to her clients holding things up internally. This was due to things like long turnaround times on sign-offs, delays in providing information and other hold-ups. She said she felt as if she should have pushed back to her clients, reminding them of the deadlines and asking them to speed things up. However, she didn’t feel confident to do this as she is a contractor and didn’t feel she had the same influence as a permanent employee.

So, we’re here to tell you what we told her: never be afraid to be assertive.


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