Christmas gifts for the engineer in your life

Robot Arm

Christmas music fills every shop, decorations have been adorning doorways and window displays for many weeks now and gift lists are being ticked off, one by one.

If you’re lucky enough to have an engineer in your life, you may be left wondering exactly what you can buy the curious mind that is likely to have everything. You want to find something that will fire up the imagination, something unique and something useful.

After all, where would we be without the massive contribution to society our engineer friends and family have made? Take a look at our engineer gift guide and find a way to show the engineer in your life some love this Christmas.

1.       Try a slogan t-shirt on for size

We think engineers are pretty awesome, so why not let them shout about it with a slogan t-shirt? Some of our favourites include this one from the ubiquitous and ever popular “Keep Calm…” oeuvre. Or how about this “Leftover parts are proof you made it better” t-shirt? That way we’ll always know when there’s an engineer in our midst, ready to take something apart and make it that little bit better?

2.       Wrestle with a robotic arm

What could be more exciting to unwrap under the Christmas tree than a Build Your Own Robotic Arm kit, available on Amazon.  Get your favourite engineer absorbed in this technical task that allows them to build and operate a robotic arm. Featuring a base rotation, elbow and wrist motion and a gripping claw, this is the perfect way to raise a toast to the festive season.

3.       Write home about the ultimate geek pen

We’re not ashamed to say that we geeked-out a little bit when we stumbled across this 5-in-1 pen, perfect for any gadget loving engineer. Featuring  a UV light, a laser pointer to use in presentations, a flashlight to illuminate writing surfaces, a stylus tip for touchscreens and a regular ballpoint, the Ultimate Geek Pen is the last word in convenience and efficiency!

4.       Star-gaze with an at-home planetarium

We’d bet that all brilliant, inquisitive minds have, at one time or another, gazed at the night sky in awe and wonderment at its many secrets. Replicate that effect with this amazing Star Theatre Planetarium. This super realistic planetarium shows real constellations and projects shooting stars at random intervals. Perfect for a cosy night in looking up at the stars, whatever the weather.

Star Theatre Planetarium

5.       Step into the future with a printed figurine

Okay, this one is a bit of a stretch, but bear with us because it’s very cool! If you want to combine a European city break with a unique for your loved one, then a trip to Germany could be in the offing! Berlin based company twinkind offer a 3D figurine printing service that allows you to print a mini-me figurine from a 3D scan. Like a portrait from the future, these are the ultimate in cool and kooky gifts!

Is one of your loved ones an engineer? What do you plan on buying them? Are you an engineer yourself? What’s your favourite gift to receive at Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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