Differentiating days during lockdown

Differentiating Days Image SmallerSince lockdown began, we’ve all been there a few times: it’s some time during the middle of the week but without checking our phones you have absolutely no idea what day it is. Meanwhile weekdays and weekends bleed into each other until there doesn’t feel like much point in having a weekend at all.

This feeling of sameness can be a contributing factor to low mood, so it’s important to find ways to differentiate the days and separate the week from the weekend. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you do just that.

Find a routine

Finding a routine will be different for everyone depending on a number of factors: whether you’re still working, who you live with, and whether or not you have children, for instance. But setting a routine for yourself will help you keep days distinct.

Now, this could be as simple as doing particular things on particular days. So, you might have to take the bins out on a Monday, do your online fitness class on Tuesday, vacuum on Wednesday, do the shopping on Thursday, and so on. Or it might be linked to your children’s homeschooling, or your work schedule, but having particular things to do on particular days can set distinctions that allow each day to have something different about it.

Put work things away

If you are still working, put your work things away at the end of the day. The same goes for any children’s school things. This sets a boundary between “work” and “home” as well as forcing you to start each day – or a new working week – by actively taking out work or school things in order to start.

Get dressed (at least during the week)

While it’s perfectly acceptable to lounge in your PJs at the weekend, it can be good during the week to get dressed to do whatever you need to do. We don’t mean a full business suit or anything, even if you’re just wearing jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, you’ve still had to get dressed. This is another symbolic way to start a new day – and changing into your nightclothes before bed symbolises the end, allowing you to break apart each separate day.

Save some treats for the weekend

While it’s very easy to fall into a habit of having a drink or ordering a takeaway most nights at the moment, saving them for a Friday night can help give you a start point for the weekend and so separate it from the week. Other “treats” you can save for yourself are films or TV shows you’ve been meaning to watch, something nice you fancy cooking, or a yummy big brunch on a Saturday or Sunday. They’re a way of celebrating getting through another week, and being one week closer to this being over.

This all might seem common sense, but during lockdown, a lot of us have been slipping into ways of living that cause the days to blur into one. So, taking some or all of these steps should help make our days feel a little more defined.

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