Home exercise for lockdown

Home Exercise SmallerThere’s no doubt that lockdown is causing us to be more sedentary. Those who normally attend their local gym or swimming pool have found they no longer can go. Even those of us who are a bit less active are finding our usual walk to the train station has vanished, and children who are used to scrabbling up slides and climbing frames every day have found they are now restricted to the back garden – if they’re lucky enough to have one.

But exercise is vital not only to our physical health, but also our mental wellbeing. With the recent Government announcement that outside exercise is now unlimited, albeit with restrictions, there’s no better time than now to get started. Of course, with these new changes, there are understandably only certain activities you can do, whilst still maintaining social distancing with people outside your household.

So how do you keep fit during lockdown? We’ve compiled a list of ideas and resources to help you and your family exercise during the COVID-19 crisis.


It’s easy to forget walking as exercise, but a brisk walk of three miles per hour for as little as 10 minutes is a great way to burn calories and build stamina. Plus, it’s free. It’s ideal for those who need to combine their daily exercise with getting some fresh air for the kids or taking the dog for a walk and it’s also great for those who are just starting to exercise regularly as it’s an effective yet gentle introduction. All you need is a pair of comfortable trainers or walking shoes.

The NHS has some great tips on walking for health.


If you’re a seasoned runner, you’re probably already going for regular runs. But if you don’t normally run for exercise, you may need a bit more easing in so as not to hurt yourself in any way. Couch to 5K is an NHS scheme to help absolute beginners go from nothing to running 5K over nine weeks using a series of podcasts. You can find more information and links to download the podcasts on the NHS website.

Fitness videos

If you prefer a more guided workout, there’s a wealth of video content available online to help you, whatever your preferred exercise style. Some of our favourite resources are:

  • NHS Fitness Studio exercise videos – This is a selection of 24 instructor-led videos created by fitness experts InstructorLive. They range between 10 and 45 minutes in length and offer a mix of beginner and intermediate level workouts. You can choose from aerobic exercise, strength and resistance, Pilates and yoga, and a selection of fitness plans.
  • Yoga With Adrienne – Adrienne Mishler’s YouTube channel is a fantastic repository for all of her yoga workouts, which are suitable for all abilities including beginner. This includes her popular 30 Days of Yoga So, if you’re missing your regular yoga class, or just fancy taking the opportunity to start, it’s a great go-to.
  • The Body Coach TV – This is Body Coach Joe Wick’s YouTube channel. It features all of his home workouts, and workout challenges, including routines aimed at seniors, kids, and beginners. Joe has also elected to become the nation’s PE teacher during lockdown with his daily PE With Joe workouts so that children stay active while not in school.
  • Tyson Fury on Instagram TV – If you use Instagram, boxer Tyson Fury hosts a 9am daily fitness class with his wife, Paris, live from their home. It’s a high intensity workout that lasts for around 40 minutes. Joining in live is fun and the daily “appointment” can help give a sense of routine.
  • Mr Motivator In Da House – You read that correctly, 90s TV fitness legend Mr Motivator has a YouTube channel – and it’s just as day glo as you’d expect. His workouts are short but sweet, accessible for all, and streamed from his home with his wife working out with him.

With resources like this to hand, you never know, you might come out of lockdown fitter than you went in.

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