How do you know you’re ready to go it alone?

Moving from Employment to Contracting

The start of the year is often the time when employees begin to think of throwing in the towel and becoming a contractor or freelancer. Quite often this is just a way of processing the January Blues, and many simply think about it for a bit before deciding they’re happy enough where they are and continuing with their employment.

But what if that thought keeps niggling away at you? What if every day you find yourself longing to set up on your own? How do you know you’re ready? We’ve put together some common signs that have told the contractors and freelancers we’ve worked with over the years that they were ready to go it alone.

You feel you’ve gone as far as you can

If you feel as if you’ve gone as far as you can in your career as an employee and that all that’s open to you now are sideways steps, you may well be ready to make the move and strike out on your own. The feeling of “going somewhere” is vital for most people’s job satisfaction, so if you feel you’ve hit a ceiling then becoming a contractor or freelancer could well give you the room you need for growth.

You need more freedom

Being an employee can be very restrictive, particularly for those in creative roles. Ultimately, you have little-to-no choice when it comes to the projects you work on and many people suffer from overbearing bosses wanting the final say on everything, even if it’s not necessarily for the best.

Becoming a contractor or freelancer allows you to work on the projects you actually want to work on, and you will be able to position yourself as an expert to your clients which means, while they will have final sign-off on projects, your word will have more weight.

The inflexibility is driving you mad

While a lot of workplaces offer flexible working practices, to some they are still seen as a luxury. We all know this can present problems when it comes to juggling a busy work and family life. This in turn can lead to stress for all concerned.

So if flexible working is high up on your list of needs, it might be time to go into contracting or freelancing. You can set your own hours, work around things like childcare and not have to answer to anybody if you need a day off for whatever reason.

If you think you’re ready, start looking in more detail at becoming a contractor. There’s loads to help you on the Kingsbridge blog and, if you take the plunge, we can help you set up your contractor insurance too. Check out our Knowledge Hub or give us a call on 01242 808 740. Our friendly team will be happy to help.

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