How to cope if you need to work over the August bank holiday

Bank Holiday

The August bank holiday is rapidly approaching and, for many of us, it represents our last hurrah with our families and friends before kids return to school and life returns to (more-or-less) normal after six weeks of fun in the sun (well, this year at least).

But, for a contractor, how do you balance things if you have to work? At the end of the day, when you’re self-employed, it’s not always possible to have bank holidays off. You might have a deadline looming, or it might simply be a case of not being able to afford the day off. Whatever the reason, bank holidays are often things that happen to other people.

But the August bank holiday is the last one for a while. After this we don’t get any until Christmas – so how do you cope if you simply have to work?

Work compressed hours

In the days leading up to the bank holiday weekend, you could perhaps look at compressed hours. This basically means working longer hours so that you can get everything done in fewer days. In theory, you can get everything done so that you can at least have some of the bank holiday weekend off and enjoy hanging out with your family or friends.

Even if you only free up the bank holiday Monday, you could have a BBQ, relax in a beer garden or take the kids to the park. All of that is better than working, surely?

Take a flexible approach to office hours

If you can work from home and don’t need to be glued to your screen all day, be flexible. Make sure you’re reachable and make sure you check in online whenever you have to but, otherwise, enjoy yourself. It can’t work for everybody, but if it works for you then it’s better than being stuck behind your laptop all day while everyone else is having fun.

Give yourself a bank holiday in lieu

If you really have no choice but to work then you can still make sure you get that much-needed relaxation time. Take a good look at your diary and see what weekends you have free coming up and then make one your unofficial bank holiday weekend.

If you can make it coincide with the half term and your partner can also take the Monday off work then you can do all of the family stuff you missed out on over the summer too. Planning ahead for this will mean that you have something to look forward to and so won’t feel too bad when you’re working over the long weekend.

If one of the tasks on your bank holiday weekend to do list is to set up or renew your contractor insurance then you can always get in touch with us at Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance. Our team aren’t in on bank holidays, but you can still request a quote online by visiting our website.

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