I Wish It Could Be Quizmas Every Day

Kingsbridge Quizmas

We do like a little nostalgia at Kingsbridge every now and then. Although the festive season is firmly in the rear-view mirror and 2018 is beginning to bloom, we couldn’t resist revisiting one of our most engaging partner competitions – The Kingsbridge Quizmas.

In early December we set up a special Kingsbridge-themed Christmas quiz designed to test the depths of knowledge at the partner companies we work with. The questions covered quite the spectrum – from insultingly easy to fiendishly difficult, and everything in-between.

The 174 teams who signed up received a set of 5 questions each day, over a 5 day period. With the competition so intense and the stakes so high it was no surprise that only a few of the most dedicated teams got close to full marks, but by the last day a clear winner had emerged. For the sake of pride, not to mention the prospect of future inter-partner subterfuge, we’ll keep the victor a secret but their prize was well worth the effort – a £500 activity day for the team, as well as a spectacular hamper from Hotel Chocolat.

However, as we all know (or at least pretend to), it’s the taking part that truly counts. To that end, our runners-up were furnished with a plethora of other chocolate-based goodies as a fitting reward for their efforts. Well done to all, and a huge thank you to everyone who took part and made it such a success. We’ll be running a number of other competitions over the coming months with bigger prizes, harder questions, and more teams than ever. Get revising and stay posted for more updates.


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