Leading recruitment agency Rullion has teamed up with Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance to deliver on client demands

Rullion Kingsbridge

UK-based recruiter Rullion announce their partnership with contractor insurance specialists, Kingsbridge, following an increase in client audits.

With insurance checks becoming a key factor in client audits and the contractor market under continual scrutiny, this new partnership is an essential step to help Rullion future-proof their compliance processes and satisfy their client’s contractual requirements.

Rullion’s Board Director, Phil Higgins states, “This is an important move for us in making sure we’re meeting our clients’ needs. We’re confident that Kingsbridge’s processes support our existing candidate base, offering a long-term solution in protecting our contractors, whilst improving the efficiency of the insurance checking process.”

Specialist contractor insurance brokers Kingsbridge have a strong history of working with both recruiters and contractors in engineering, IT and banking sectors. As such, they are well placed to support Rullion in this recent endeavour.

Thomas Wynne, Business Development Director at Kingsbridge commented:

“We are seeing more onerous terms being thrust upon recruiters, with clients asking them to take responsibility for the contractor’s actions. This has forced recruiters to educate themselves more thoroughly on the chain of liability, and the risks they face when signing these terms if their contractors are not covered.

Nonetheless, we still find that many contractors operate uninsured and many recruiters are not checking either. This can result in a black mark against the agency when it comes to a client audit.”

“We have a natural affinity with Rullion as we understand the space they operate in and what their clients expect from them.”

Rullion’s association with Kingsbridge highlights the demonstrable risk recruitment agencies face, showing that it is possible to balance out client demands with proactive contractor compliance processes. Furthermore it highlights a ‘duty of care’ gap that other recruiters could be missing, ensuring their contractor candidates are suitably protected to work through their limited companies.

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