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We’re a bit like a nagging parent at Kingsbridge when it comes to IR35. Do your laces up. Eat your vegetables. Make sure you’ve got the right cover in place for you and your business.

But like a nagging parent, we only do it because we care. In recent years we’ve seen more and more drawn-out legal battles contesting IR35 decisions, and the outcomes are generally less than desirable. Whether it’s the fine itself, or simply the spectre of having to defend yourself against the government, finding yourself in an IR35 investigation can be stressful, costly, and time-consuming.

We’ve spoken before about the costs associated with IR35 cases. We’ll let you read about the details, but it’s safe to say we’re not talking small numbers. In some cases, the fines received by contractors run well into six-figure territory.

We’ve also provided a rundown of the all the key information you need to know about the controversial legislation. You can find that summary right here. We know it’s not the easiest thing to get your head around, especially if you’re just starting out on the path of working for yourself. That’s why we’re here to help.

With the recent IR35 crackdown in the private sector likely soon to be followed by similar reform in the public sector, there’s not been a better time to make sure you’re covered in the event of an investigation. With our Legal Expenses and Legal Expenses Plus cover, you’ll have everything you need.

Our Legal Expenses policy, at £59.50 (plus IPT), provides cover for tax enquiries including VAT and IR35 investigations (alongside cover for contract disputes and any lost earnings if you find yourself called up for jury service).

Our Legal Expenses Plus policy, at £199.50 (plus IPT), contains all of the above alongside enhanced coverage for any penalties, taxes, and interest that might arise from an IR35 investigation up to £25,000.

With any potential fines being more than enough to sink you and your business, it’s a small cost to pay. Want to know more? Give one of our IR35 experts a call on 01242 808740.

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