National Freelancers Day 2014: A Round-Up


We hope you all enjoyed this year’s National Freelancers Day, or #NFD2014 for the Twitter savvy, as much as we did. From the build-up around the event, to the day itself, to some of the great news that came out of it, this year’s event was undoubtedly the best yet. For a company that has the interests of freelancers and contractors as much at heart as we do here at Kingsbridge, it’s been great to see the day grow from a small gathering to the national behemoth it currently is in the space of six short years.

Our thorough and sincere congratulations to the wonderful people at IPSE for doing such sterling work, and for making sure such an integral part of the UK workforce is as well represented and well protected as possible. On the 19th November there were events held in tandem in Edinburgh, Manchester, and London (in the beautiful surrounds of LSO St. Luke’s no less), with Kingsbridge sponsoring and attending the Manchester gathering alongside providing a presence in London.

Alongside a great selection of cupcakes (obviously the most important part of the entire evening) there was plenty of interesting news to come out of the event. Here’s a brief selection of the most important points:

– Haven’t seen it yet? There’s a video of the London event on the homepage of the NFD website. If you look closely, you might even be able to see a few Kingsbridge representatives:

– Huge congratulations to Rebecca Shipham, winner of IPSE’s ’15 for 2015’ prize showcasing the best freelancers across the UK. And well done to Sarah Dawkins and Andrew Butler too, both very worthy runners up.

– Timed for this year’s NFD, on the 19th the government announced the appointment of the UK’s first ever ambassador for the self-employed, David Morris MP. Although he’d only been in the job a few hours, Mr. Morris put in an appearance at St. Luke’s and promised a bright future for freelancers across the UK. Amongst his early promises? Better protection for the self-employed from late payment and a vow to back the rising amount of women who are choosing self-employment (including helping with the costs of childcare).

– There were plenty of fiery debates (thanks Nick Ferrari!) across a panel including MP’s Nick Boles and Toby Perkins, and a wonderfully impassioned speech from keynote speaker Declan Curry.

– Head on over to our Twitter account for a retrospective look at our live Tweeting from the event.

Thanks to everyone who came to the event. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Roll on National Freelancers Day 2015!

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