New Faces at Kingsbridge (Part 2)

Late last year we introduced you to a few new members of the Kingsbridge team. For the nostalgic among you, that post can be revisited here. Fast forward three months and there are plenty of new faces in our Tewkesbury HQ. So many, in fact, that we’re running out of space.

With another successful year behind us, and plans for many more successful years ahead, having the right staff in place is a fundamental catalyst for the growth we expect to see. Below, meet (deep breath): Barley Spurway, Sophia Chance-Hyett, George Bingle, Anna Cullimore, Julian Short, Mike Halliwell, and Chloe Delgado-Chance.

Kingsbridge Meet the Team

Name: Barley Spurway

Job Role: Business Development Executive

About: Barley joined Kingsbridge in November 2016, having previously worked in the recruitment industry. Barley forms an integral part of our Business Development team, using the knowledge she acquired in her previous role to bring in new partners, as well as speaking to the recruiters we deal with on a daily basis.

Kingsbridge Meet the Team

Name: Sophia Chance-Hyett

Job Role: Partnership Marketing Executive

About: Sophia joined the marketing department at Kingsbridge at the end of 2016. Although primarily working with, and in support of, our partnership team Sophia’s role is multi-faceted. She handles the majority of our communications and design work, and will be taking sole responsibility going forward. Prior to working with us, Sophia was in charge of marketing at a premium gym in Kuwait.

Kingsbridge Meet the Team

Name: George Bingle

Job Role: Client Account Supervisor

About: George joined our Customer Services team at the end of October 2016. If you’re purchasing a policy with Kingsbridge, his voice is one of the first you’re likely to hear. Having previously worked as the bar manager of a golf club, George is a natural raconteur and takes pride in building a rapport with his customers.

Kingsbridge Meet the Team

Name: Anna Cullimore

Job Role: Customer Services Administrator

About: Anna joined the team at Kingsbridge, having previously worked in sales. She forms the front-line for any customer queries, as well as keeping the rest of the Customer Services team in check. Anna is the first port of call for any customer issues that need resolving.

Kingsbridge Meet the Team

Name: Julian Short

Job Role: Renewals Account Manager

About: Julian joined Kingsbridge in October 2016 directly from the University of Gloucestershire. He plays a large role in renewing the policies of our customers – making sure the process runs smoothly, and that our customers are happy.

Kingsbridge Meet the Team

Name: Mike Halliwell

Job Role: Business Development Executive

About: Mike joined our Business Development team in November 2016, with a focus on the accounting sector. Tenacious and focused, he brings a skill set honed in the world of advertising sales to a rapidly growing business channel. Mike is also a keen fisherman in his spare time.

Kingsbridge Meet the Team

Name: Chloe Delgado-Chance

Job Role: Customer Services Team Leader

About: Chloe joined Kingsbridge in January 2017. With our previous Customer Services Team Leader Andy Dagnall leaving for a new life in New Zealand, Chloe joins the business at a time when we’re experiencing rapid growth. With a strong background in call centre floor management, where she had over a hundred staff under her stewardship, we’re delighted to have someone with her expertise and skill set to help take Kingsbridge to the next level.

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