New Years’ Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

New Years Resolutions

Another year, and here we are ready to be oh-so-well-intentioned and make those obligatory New Year’s Resolutions. I’m giving up sugar! I’m going vegan! I’m going to read a book a week for the whole year! Inevitably, by the third week of January we’re sat back in the pub, tucking into a mixed grill and a sticky toffee pudding, only up to page 53 of Great Expectations.

That said, a new year can be a useful waymarker on your self-employed journey. It can be a time to take stock, reflect on past achievements and look at the ways forward for your business. The key to New Year’s Resolutions that stick is to make them achievable, impactful and beneficial. Here are some ideas for resolutions for contractors and freelancers that might make 2019 less stressful and more profitable.

In 2019, I will invest in my business

Tempting as it can be to maximise profits, some spending on your own business can be a very worthwhile use of funds. Invest in yourself, by going on training courses to broaden or deepen your skills and knowledge, or attend conferences where you can network. Or invest in new equipment, software or tools to help make your job easier. In either case, if you spend wisely you will quickly see the benefits.

In 2019, I will save for a rainy day

There’s a lot of uncertainty out there in the business world at the moment, and no one quite knows what 2019 will hold. Rather than lying awake at night worrying, one proactive way to deal with this uncertainty is to commit to saving a proportion of your takings each month to shore up your finances. With a healthy buffer in savings, you’ll be able to cope with the unexpected.

In 2019, I will take time out

One of the things that probably attracted you to self-employment in the first place was the flexibility and autonomy over your own time and schedule. But, when we’re in the thick of working, chasing new contracts and liaising with clients, how many of us actually make the most of the freedom that we so desperately sought? Make 2019 the year that you take proper time off to see family, travel or just to relax at home.

In 2019, I will make sure I’m properly covered

Sorting out business insurance might not be the most exciting New Year’s Resolution you can make, but as a contractor or freelancer it is one of the most important. If something goes wrong in the course of your business or a client makes an accusation against you, insurance means that you’re not alone in sorting out the problem and protects you financially by offering coverage in support of legal fees and damages. This is also one of the least time-consuming resolutions you can make – just 15 minutes on the phone to Kingsbridge and you could have it all sorted for the full year. What a way to kickstart 2019! Give us a call on 01242 808740. We’re open from the 2nd January.

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