The Best Energy Savings Apps And Gadgets For Contractors

With the ever present fluctuation in pricing between the big six energy companies, we decided to take a look at some of the best energy saving gadgets you can use in your home and office.  We’re also reviewing the most useful smartphone apps that will help save you money and lower your carbon footprint.



This App is available on iPhone and Android phones/tablets and is extremely useful in lowering your carbon footprint. The app shows graphs which have regularly updated information on demand for electricity through the day. The app ensures you know when to use your electricity during off peak hours, which are determined by the carbon intensity of the supply. The graphs are simply laid out with traffic light themed colours to make it easier to follow. Using your electricity during off-peak hours will significantly lower your carbon footprint.


Eco charger

Eco Charger gives you a way of keeping tabs on your phone or tablet’s energy, especially when charging, and allows you to increase the length of your battery life as well as saving energy. The app simply notifies you buy way of an alarm when your battery is fully charged.  the alarm will continue to sound until you unplug your device from the charger.


Fuel Good is available on both Android and Apple phones and tablets, and it can help you to save money when using your car. You begin by selecting the make model and year of your car and, based on averages, it will begin to help you save money on fuel consumption. It keeps track of journeys and gives helpful tips on how to make your trips more fuel-efficient. Some reviews say the app is unreliable but it has since been updated, so hopefully stability issues have been fixed.

Standby Energy Cost Calculator

Not exactly a catchy name, but the app gets past that with its usefulness. It can tell you just how much energy you’re wasting by leaving a particular product on standby.

Apps and Gadgets


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The Nest thermostat and app haven’t officially launched yet in the UK but a launch is apparently imminent. The thermostat has a beautiful design and simple interface and secondly is truely innovative.  Once installed it will begin to pick up the habits of the dwellers and when you are in or out of the house and adjust the heating accordingly. The app connects to the thermostat, allowing you to control it from out of the house.  The only issue with this product (apart from it not being released yet!) is that it is a little pricey, but that is fairly understandable being the first wifi enabled thermostat on the market. Conversely, the energy savings are reported to be about 10-25%, so it could be a worthwhile investment. Watch out for this one.


Battery Wizard

The Battery Wizard is a handy recharging gadget that will recharge normal batteries up to ten times. It also recharges rechargeable batteries.  It works with regular AA, AAA, C, D and 9v batteries, so all of the most common types are covered. The device will help you reduce waste, as well as saving you money from its low running costs.


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Energy Monitors

Energy monitors come in all shapes, sizes and prices depending on the features. They’ll help to reduce energy costs and  carbon footprint by monitoring which appliances in your home or office are costing you the most money, so you can do something about them. Once you’ve made changes, a monitor will tell you how much money you’re saving.

So there we have it, some great apps and gadgets to help you save energy and money. If you have any suggestions let us know by leaving a comment below or tweeting us @Kingsbridgeprof

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