The Contractor’s Christmas List

Christmas List

Dear Father Christmas,

We contractors and freelancers have been very good this year. We’ve finished all our jobs to the highest standard, completed our tax returns on time and still managed to see the kids and keep on top of the housework.

So, this year, all we really want for Christmas is…

Clients that always pay on time

Sometimes you just have to dream big. Did we mention we’ve been really good this year? If anyone can make this happen, Santa, it’s you.

An all-weather pen

Handy for site visits, commuting and just generally being indestructible. No contractor should be without one.

Coffee gift card

Whether its grabbing a cup at the station before travelling to see a client or spending full days hunched over a laptop in a quiet corner of our local cafe, we contractors drink a lot of java. A coffee gift card would save us major £’s in the January slog (and help us avoid the glares of staff as we sit there nursing our third glass of tap water).

Wheelie briefcase

We often need to lug our laptops and files away on business with us. A wheelie briefcase can save back problems and looks a lot more professional than our battered old backpack. We would love to find one of these under the tree on Christmas morning.

Elves to do our accounts for us…

It’s the job that really needs doing, but is so tempting to put off. Perhaps if you could send an elf round, just one day a month would probably do it. Have you got any that can use QuickBooks?

…Or maybe babysit?

If they haven’t got the bookkeeping skills, maybe they’d consider watching the kids for a few hours so we can just clear these last few jobs before the Christmas break? We hear elves are excellent with over-excited children!

2019 diary

Father Christmas, please send us a smart little planner that we can carry about in our pockets and whip out impressively at client meetings. We need something to help us keep track of all those different jobs and deadlines that we juggle.

Business insurance that comes as one simple, comprehensive package

This one should be an easy win. Insurance for our business that’s easy to understand, includes all the cover a contractor or freelancer might need, and is fully compliant? We hear that if you give Kingsbridge a call on 01242 808740 they can sort this all out for you.

Thanks in advance, Santa.

From all the contractors and freelancers.

We at Kingsbridge would like to wish all our customers a very merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year!

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