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We asked our good friends at iContract to put together a blog post for us on their platform and how it fits in with the future of contracting. Read on below for more!

It was recently reported that by 2020 50% of the UK working population will be self-employed. A quite staggering prediction, but also inspiring knowing that many people in today’s workforce want to enjoy the many benefits that come with working for yourself.

Giving evidence to this statistical claim is the rise of contracting. Contracting is proving to be a popular career choice for many, particularly in the financial and tech sectors. Despite being an industry that has experienced its fair share of headlines this year with changes to IR35, the Government u-turn over National Insurance contributions, and the ongoing Brexit debate, contracting still shows no signs of slowing down. It has been reported that the traditionally slower months of summer are still showing a healthy demand when it comes to hiring contractors this year.

There is of course no easy path to forging a successful contracting career, and getting that foot in the door and building momentum whilst having to worry about the financial insecurity that comes with this line of work would put off many. When you start as a contractor not only are you worried  about where you might find your first contract, you must also contend with the many administrative burdens that come with starting your own business.

These challenges were the catalyst for iContract, the new online platform for contractors that gives contractors the tools to find their next contract opportunity more easily, giving them more control of their working lives as contractors. iContract was also born out of a number frustrations, with its team members having already had consummate working experience in specialist fields and still encountering the lack of resource that was readily available for a community of contractors. Contracting shouldn’t be a career path that comes with risk, and we wanted to show people how easy it could be to become a contractor – and thus iContract was born.

iContract gives more control to the contractor

With its criteria-focused search engine, contractors can find more of the contracts that they want. In an era of increased flexible working, contract workers are looking for the type of contracts that match their skills and experience but also their unique requirements (day rate, contract length, location and so on.)

Not only is iContract a platform that gives them access to contracts, it is also a platform which allows them to manage their contract schedule. Contractors can post their availability to recruiters and hiring managers, allowing them to be contacted about future contract opportunities.

Tailor made contract recommendations

One particular frustration that contractors have experienced in the past has been countless job offers that bear no relevance to the type of contract that they are experienced and suitable for, as well as the type of contract they’re seeking in terms of pay, length and location.

With iContract’s skill-based algorithm a contractor will be instantly recommended contracts that are tailor-made to their personal profile. Likewise, a recruiter or hiring manager will be instantly recommended contractors that are relevant to the type of contract they are posting. Irrelevant contracts will now become a thing of the past!

An interactive community

Being a contractor can be a lonely business. Let’s face it, you haven’t got the office christmas party to look forward to, and you can’t forge the type of office friendships that are usually made as a member of permanent staff.

iContract users can expand their personal network by connecting with recruiters and fellow contractors, where they can interact and chat with them. Recruiters can invite contractors to apply for advertised roles through a direct message, or discuss the latest industry developments and news with their contractor peers. The platform is a hub of conversation and interaction.

Advice please!

Whether you’re starting out as a contractor or an established contract worker, there’s always the worry of the many administrative headaches you have to deal with – insurance, accountancy, pensions, and mortgages and so on. A whole host of questions will probably go through your head. Am I getting a good deal? Where do I find trusted and reliable solution providers? How do I know they are reliable?

iContract’s service providers feature gives iContract users access to a carefully selected community of respected industry advisors on many complex matters. Users can find out more information about them with a view to getting in touch about any contractor-related enquiry they have. Contractors can also rate the services they provide, giving users that extra peace of mind.

Kingsbridge is proud to be partnering with iContract and supporting its growing contractor community with help and advice on insurance matters.

To find out more and register for free as a contractor, visit

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